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Full of Organization Name Environmental Conservation and Livelihood Outreach Foundation
Abbreviation ECLOF
Month/Year of Establish Since 1959
Total of Member 21 (National Only)
Number of staff 36 Local staffs
Registration Registered 2013

Registration No.2159

Main Sectors of Work Micro Finance

Livelihood Program


Environmental Conservation

Emergency Relief

Capacity Building

Eclof Activities

Bank Information

Bank Account Name Currency

Brief History

The Ecumenical Church Loan Fund, Myanmar is an Ecumenical of organization was born since 1959 under the Myanmar Council of Churches through the initiative and dedication of visionary church leaders supported by the Ecumenical Church Loan Fund International. At that time its main objective was to help rebuild church building destroyed by the war. Overtime, ECLOF evolved into a credit institution which seeks to promote human development program. ECLOF has five main program sectors. They are Livelihood and Food Security, WASH, Micro-Finance, Environmental Conservation and Emergency Relief. We are implementing at Dry Zone region, Delta region, Yangon Division. ECLOF networks with Church of Sweden (COS), Mangrove and Environmental Rehabilitation Network (MERN), LIFT – Action Aid, LIFT- PACT Myanmar, Myanmar NGOs Network (MNN) and Myanmar NGO Contingency Plan (MNGO-CP), American Baptist Women Ministry, National Ecumenical Church Fund (NECF), DFID, UNDP, Pyoe Pin, IRC and Myanmar Micro-Finance Association. Environmental Conservation and Livelihood Outreach Foundation is one of the members of the Ecumenical Church Loan Fund International (EI).


To have the chance for every Myanmar nationality to live in an appropriate environmental for the survival of mankind which could enhance the ability and create a developed community where they could live together with love and peace.


We provide financial and technical services to the poor preferably rural people through a programme that promotes community development general welfare and concern.

Our Main Objective

  1. To provide trainings and awareness with regard to promote socio-economic of the organization and individual person.
  2. To carry out the rehabilitation work in emergency the area affected by natural and Men made disaster.
  3. While carrying out the environmental conservation and regional development programme, do also the basic facts (needs) such as support for the livelihood programme, water and sanitation works and projects related with education and health.
  4. Disseminate basic knowledge through the public community end work out together to increase good habits to abide these awareness.
  5. Construct basic infrastructure of development progromme.
  6. Fulfill the sustenance and social needs of the people residing at less developed regions.
  7. Assist less income grass root levels with micro finance service programme.
  8. To overcome the above objectives, cooperate and make partnership with local/ international organization that have the same ideas/ objectives.


  1. We belief that the sympathetic works and social economic development projects could clearly identify the justice, love and kindness, peace and development.
  2. We belief that working together with the people in need shows our respect and could create a sustainable change.
  3. We belief that the community works that we are doing show our respect to others and men’s dignity.
  4. We belief that there would be no discrimination on culture, religion and belief, race, education and socio-economic situation and gender; and that we recognize and respect all mankind as the same level.
  5. We belief that every person has the right to enjoy basic care, basic needs and services.
  6. We belief that every person has the right to choose his life and future.
  7. We belief that every person (especially women and children) has the right to protect from violence, sex abuse and other tortures.
  8. We believe that all the benefits resulted from natural resources are blessings and would need to conserve it dutifully.
  9. We belief that exchanging experience and information technology resulted more effective in carrying out the social beneficial works. We also belief that supporting each other among organizations would create a more effective and stable organization.

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