Motto – Financing Socio Economic Development in Myanmar


A trusted and sustainable Microfinance Institution with empowered and resilient clients.


We provide financial and technical services to the poor preferably rural people through a programme that promotes community development, general welfare and concern.


  • For the Socio Economic Development of the beneficiaries through Microfinance Services.
  • For the self-reliance of Socio Economic marginalized people through Microfinance services.
  • To provide services to enhance the job opportunities of women and youth.
  • To provide the essential capacity building to get better job opportunities and livelihoods.
  • To provide services for the effective utilization of the assistance.
  • To cooperate with other same targeted enterprises for effectiveness and board implementation.


Microfinance License No – 0055/2012 (Deposit taking Microfinance Institution)

Outreach Indicators


Active Clients  7283
Gross Loan Portfolio  MMK 1,036,108,600/-
% of women 93% 
% loan in rural area 100% 
%of Agriculture Loan 27% 



Average speard on loans 63%
Average yield on Loans 74% 
Operational self sufficiency 140%
Client rentenion Rate 97%



 Number of Loans/ loan officer 468
Number of loan / Staffs 234
Outstanding Loan Amount/ Loan officer MMK 57,561,589/- 
Outstanding Loan Amount / Staff MMK 28,780,794/-

microfinance_three microfinance_two

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