• To enhance the human resource development of the targeted beneficiaries and project staffs.
  • To enhance the social capital development of the targeted beneficiaries.
  • To provide the physical and financial capital development of the targeted households for their incomes generating to become self reliance.


Livelihood program is fundamental is providing for stable and self-sustaining life in a community. Positive impact is directly seen in health status and quality of life. Subsectors of livelihood are food security, Infrastructure Development of community and Livelihood Access. ECLOF is implemented livelihoods project in Delta and Dry Zone area, Laputta Township, Ngaputaw Township, Aunglan Township and Pakokku Townhsip. ECLOF is one of the members of the Thadar Consortium and implemented its activities cooperation with consortium members. The purpose of this project is to capacitate and empower Civil Societies to demonstrate their positive roles in improving food security and livelihoods of vulnerable households in the Dry Zone, the project designed to address food security and improve agricultural livelihoods and incomes at the targeted communities. ECLOF provided different livelihood initiatives, such as Agriculture based production, Livestock and Small business, community infrastructure in order to provide access to finance and related capacity building to the targeted community (especially for the most vulnerable people). Moreover, trainings have been held in revolving fund management, natural resource management, agriculture, livestock and vocational skills in order to develop the community’s capacity and knowledge and stimulate income generating activities.


Sr Type of Project Project Site Duration Partners/ Donors
1 Civil Society Led Livelihood Recovery and Development in Nargis affected area Laputta Township, Ngaputaw Township November 2008 to July 2009 DFID
2 Livelihood Project Laputta Township May 2009 to Nov 2009 UNDP
3 Livelihood Project Laputta Township Oct 2009 to March 2010 DFID
4 Livelihood Recovery Project Ngaputaw Township Oct 2009 to Jan 2010 IRC
5 Livelihood Project Ngaputaw Township April 2010 to April 2011 Thadar Consortium/LIFT
6 Civil Society Led Community Based Livelihood Resources Development in the Dry Zone Aunglan Township and Pakokku Township June 2011 to April 2015 Action Aid Myanmar-Thadar Consortium/ LIFT